Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Trailer announcement

"Determined to rescue Kairi, Sora travels to the Keyblade Graveyard a short time before the final battle was to take place. Lacking a corporeal form, he traces the hearts of the seven guardians of light. Through experiencing their personal battles firsthand, Sora is about to discover truths that he has never before imagined."

Release date TBD, but it's available for pre-order. 

Because we all knew KHIII couldn't possibly end that way and Tetsuya Nomura is laughing at us for assuming this would be a simple trilogy.

Do you fully embrace the beautiful nonsense that is this franchise, ONTD?


ONTD Original: Two Cons In One Post!

I had the pleasure of going to D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con this month and felt I should share the personal experience in case anyone on here is curious as to what they’re like and need reasons to go (or you know, stay home) Along the way I was joined by fellow ONTDers theblackwidow somnus_angel, ace_kay and jellycar who made my stay that much more great. *Note: since by now all the trailers are out and better journalists have objectively covered everything this is mostly my own recollections of what stood out most to me and what I think you’d be most interested in knowing*

Without further ado...

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I know. I suck at updates.

About a week ago I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding, which was my first time being one, and I really enjoyed the privileges of going to The City Museum which isn't so much as a museum as it is a gigantic version of a McDonald's play place with its own fake cave. My dress was a lime green cocktail; something I can wear on any semi-formal occasion, and it's the most expensive piece of clothing I own. I have to say, I've gotten a lot more interested in J. Crew because of it.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow; I've noticed a trend in brunette actresses wearing thick bangs (Kristen Ritter, Lizzy Caplan, Zooey Deschanel,) and after getting them 4 months ago, I like it on myself, the only problem being pinning them back every time I wash my face. Still, I like how it hides my uneven hairline and my off-center widow's peak.

My family finally gave in and got a new dog. It's been nearly 2 years since our Westie Benny died, and while it's been nice to go out for as long as we want, there's an undeniable lack of energy in the house. Our Carin/Pomeranian mix Gigi has no problem filling that hole. I originally wanted to name her Audrey as she has big beautiful round brown eyes a'la Miss Hepburn, but her shelter name was Digi and we thought Gigi would be easier for her to remember, plus Gigi was Audrey's debut.
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Just got back from a Bachelorette Party

My cousin's getting married Memorial Day weekend and his fiancee asked me to be a bride's maid. Having never been one before, I accepted, and last night I spent an excellent night at Quartino's for dinner and Second City for a show with her friends and my cousin's mom. The dinner was some of the best Italian I've ever had; second only to a place in the Hill of St. Louis that I forgot the name of. We all ordered and shared several small plates including a great mushroom risotto and unbelievably smooth scallops in a butter sauce. Their red wine was superb to, and I can't help but feel sorry for Americans who think the best Italian food comes from the Olive Garden. The Second City was hilarious; you could definitely tell when they were improvising, but I give the actors so much props for thinking of funny comebacks at a second's notice. After that, sangria and desert. I had possibly the least healthiest thing ever: Balls of fried dough with powdered sugar and chocolate dipping sauce. I think it was called Zepotte, but it tasted alot like funnel cake. We conked out at the James Hotel, which went beyond my expectations for comfort. I just want one of their pillows and I would never get up for anything at night. I also liked the fact that they had a book of the world's top rated hotels in the drawer where the bible should be. Also awesome was how the little bottles of shampoo/conditioner were from Kiehl's. Overcoming a runny nose today, working on cosplay tomorrow.
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Saw Muse. As epic as it sounds.

On March 12 I finally saw Muse for the first time at United Center. After seeing them I can honestly say I can't imagine going to any concert that would be better (unless it's Lady Gaga, but even then it's a completely different music genre) Silversun Pickups was the opening band. They were just ok, mainly because I was in a seating area that could only see them from the side, and couldn't see any band members head on. But when Muse opened, they made sure absolutely EVERYONE got to see them, complete with TV images of them playing from every angle. The playlist was excellent; the only downside was they didn't play Bliss, which is my all-time favorite song of theirs, but then again I prefer the studio version to the live version. As for Matt...dear God, I've seen youtube vids of Matt's solos, but to see it right in front of you--I swear he was making love to the guitar the whole time, just thrusting with it, even lying on the ground playing away. Did I mention there were gigantic eyeball balloons falling in the crowd? What's funny is that some floated on stage and Dom had to kick one out of his way, where it was shortly followed by a stage hand popping it with a pin. The last song/encore was Knights of Cydonia, where the band pretty much commanded the audience to sing the chorus, "NO ONE'S GONNA TAAAAAKE MEEE ALIIIIIIIVE!" complete with sing-along graphics on the tv screens. That song is Kick-Ass combined with Awesomeness concentrated into 6 minutes.
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thinly-disguised racism rides again!

Oh, jezebel. Your informative articles on anti-choice efforts never cease to make me headdesk out of sheer frustration on the stupidity of people completely missing the point.
My mouth dropped when I saw a photo of a billboard that said, "Black Children Are An Endangered Species". Um, you DO know you're talking about humans and not pandas or bald eagles, right? Best part of the article--"It assumes that women need fewer reproductive choices, when they really need more." When will people realize that just *maybe* if all women received accurate information about pregnancy and birth control options, as well as easy access to said options, there would be lower amounts of unplanned pregnancies, and thus lower amounts of abortions, making it a win-win situation for either end of the political spectrum?

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There was once a time in my high school years that wearing Abercrombie was like social insurance; that is to say people would look highly of you as "cool" if you wore them. My brother insisted I shop there for this reason, and I only bought 2 tees and a pair of shorts from them, compared to the dozen or so black shirts/hippie skirts I had. Now looking with hindsight, I'm proud I only shopped there once. Just...god, that company's like a relic of the eugenics movement. Don't the people who work there know "clean-cut American" is Abercrombie's way of saying "Keep the Aryan dream alive, kids!"

On death

There's a reason I haven't updated recently, and it's not out of laziness. On Feb. 18 at 4:21, my grandpa died at 93. Of course I cried a little when I heard the news, as my mom did, and yet--that we haven't cried for him since. You see, for the past 5 months he was bedridden after breaking his hip, and his health only declined. I mean, yes, there a lots of ways to prolong life, but, after a certain point, you can never reach the stamina points you used to. And even if by some so-called miracle he recovered, he would still have to contend with his Parkinson's disease, and that is nothing to look forward to. So, in all honesty, my whole family sees his passing as a blessing now that his suffering's ended, and we spent the wake and funeral remembering him most fondly for 92 1/2 years instead of mourning 1/2 a crappy one. What really made us feel calm and accepting about all this was that we were told by a worker at the hospice in grandpa's last minutes he had his eyes wide open and a huge smile. Knowing that earlier his eyes were closed most of the time I felt comforted and humbled. I don't consider myself part of any organized religion, but the human (and even animal) spirit has always interested me, and I truly hope there is some karmic retribution. The same week as this my family's old computer officially conked out (bought in 2002) and so now my computer's in full use. So to wrap up, some things that I've learned:
1. If you truly love or respect someone, show them how much you care when they're still alive. There is nothing more disrespectful than waiting til the funeral to say "You're in my thoughts and prayers!" (Not that anyone did this, but it's still very important to remember.)
2. Computers are not meant to survive over a decade.
3. The only people afraid to die are those that are too young, or those who fear their lives have been wasted in cowardice or squandered potential.
4. During grandpa's entire lifetime, the Cubs have not won a SINGLE world series. Luckily, he was a Sox fan. It all works out.
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Something that has ALWAYS pissed me off about my college experience is that being an animation major automatically lumped me into the "Film" category, meaning I was forced to take classes that taught me things I will *never ever* apply in any part of my future career. Animators will never have to worry about shooting in bad weather conditions, or knowing who to cast, or naming different f-stops. I bring this up because while at my school I was trying to get people look over my portfolio and tell me what to add/subtract. The people in charge of the department barely looked at my first page before they said they looked over "Film" portfolios and that "Animation" was something they couldn't critique properly. Even though they're considered by my school to be the SAME CATEGORY.
In my spare time, I've been thinking up visuals for my own personal logo I'd put on my DVD demo reel cover, business cards and the like. I'll post them here when I'm finished. Another plus is that I know people who already know how to design web pages and brand designs. They may not be paid professionals I'd need to go out of my way to schedule an appointment with, but as long as they have a good eye and honest critique of my stuff, I don't mind.
In unrelated news, MAKE IT SPRING ALREADY. I'm positive the cold crappy weather is contributing to my sick and tired in a rut mood.

Cosplay plans

Bad news: One of my town's fabric stores is closing in a week.
Good news: This means extreme discounts.

This was the first time I had enough cash to buy EVERY single fabric yard I wanted. With things the way they are, I'll only have enough time to complete a black pleated skirt which'll be part of my Saya school uniform from Blood + (I'm going to borrow my bf's katana as a prop)
So today was all about planning for next year's A-CEN. The two big ones on my list are Ivy's 3rd player outfit from Soul Calibur II (magenta with tails) and Utena's duelist outfit. For Ivy, I have everything except a shiny gold fabric for the tail detail. I also consider myself extremely lucky for having an awesome pair of hot pink tights with black lace overlay print. For Utena, I found the perfect dark navy material for the coat and white tassels to add to the shoulder epaulet (that is, as soon as I can make those round red thingys.)
In summary:
This year's A-CEN I'll be going as Saya (Blood +), Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon), and Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy 7) I'm still wondering to just say fuck it and buy a wig for Tifa, since my hair takes FOREVER to get wave-free, let alone pin-straight like hers. For visual reference, here's the talented Lilyxandra's take on what I aim for.
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