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tinkerbell, fairy

Saw Muse. As epic as it sounds.

On March 12 I finally saw Muse for the first time at United Center. After seeing them I can honestly say I can't imagine going to any concert that would be better (unless it's Lady Gaga, but even then it's a completely different music genre) Silversun Pickups was the opening band. They were just ok, mainly because I was in a seating area that could only see them from the side, and couldn't see any band members head on. But when Muse opened, they made sure absolutely EVERYONE got to see them, complete with TV images of them playing from every angle. The playlist was excellent; the only downside was they didn't play Bliss, which is my all-time favorite song of theirs, but then again I prefer the studio version to the live version. As for Matt...dear God, I've seen youtube vids of Matt's solos, but to see it right in front of you--I swear he was making love to the guitar the whole time, just thrusting with it, even lying on the ground playing away. Did I mention there were gigantic eyeball balloons falling in the crowd? What's funny is that some floated on stage and Dom had to kick one out of his way, where it was shortly followed by a stage hand popping it with a pin. The last song/encore was Knights of Cydonia, where the band pretty much commanded the audience to sing the chorus, "NO ONE'S GONNA TAAAAAKE MEEE ALIIIIIIIVE!" complete with sing-along graphics on the tv screens. That song is Kick-Ass combined with Awesomeness concentrated into 6 minutes.