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tinkerbell, fairy

Just got back from a Bachelorette Party

My cousin's getting married Memorial Day weekend and his fiancee asked me to be a bride's maid. Having never been one before, I accepted, and last night I spent an excellent night at Quartino's for dinner and Second City for a show with her friends and my cousin's mom. The dinner was some of the best Italian I've ever had; second only to a place in the Hill of St. Louis that I forgot the name of. We all ordered and shared several small plates including a great mushroom risotto and unbelievably smooth scallops in a butter sauce. Their red wine was superb to, and I can't help but feel sorry for Americans who think the best Italian food comes from the Olive Garden. The Second City was hilarious; you could definitely tell when they were improvising, but I give the actors so much props for thinking of funny comebacks at a second's notice. After that, sangria and desert. I had possibly the least healthiest thing ever: Balls of fried dough with powdered sugar and chocolate dipping sauce. I think it was called Zepotte, but it tasted alot like funnel cake. We conked out at the James Hotel, which went beyond my expectations for comfort. I just want one of their pillows and I would never get up for anything at night. I also liked the fact that they had a book of the world's top rated hotels in the drawer where the bible should be. Also awesome was how the little bottles of shampoo/conditioner were from Kiehl's. Overcoming a runny nose today, working on cosplay tomorrow.