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I know. I suck at updates.

About a week ago I was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding, which was my first time being one, and I really enjoyed the privileges of going to The City Museum which isn't so much as a museum as it is a gigantic version of a McDonald's play place with its own fake cave. My dress was a lime green cocktail; something I can wear on any semi-formal occasion, and it's the most expensive piece of clothing I own. I have to say, I've gotten a lot more interested in J. Crew because of it.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow; I've noticed a trend in brunette actresses wearing thick bangs (Kristen Ritter, Lizzy Caplan, Zooey Deschanel,) and after getting them 4 months ago, I like it on myself, the only problem being pinning them back every time I wash my face. Still, I like how it hides my uneven hairline and my off-center widow's peak.

My family finally gave in and got a new dog. It's been nearly 2 years since our Westie Benny died, and while it's been nice to go out for as long as we want, there's an undeniable lack of energy in the house. Our Carin/Pomeranian mix Gigi has no problem filling that hole. I originally wanted to name her Audrey as she has big beautiful round brown eyes a'la Miss Hepburn, but her shelter name was Digi and we thought Gigi would be easier for her to remember, plus Gigi was Audrey's debut.