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Jan. 15th, 2010


Alot of stuff happening

So...once again, I suck at posting updates at a consistent space. However, that shouldn't be much of an issue much longer, since I'm down to the final two pix/model sheets of my Portfolio, after which I can dedicate my time to drawing alot more stuff just for fun. Right now it's hard for me to think straight. After hearing about what happened and is still happening in Haiti, I just...can't fully comprehend how immense the damage is. Sure, I've seen the recent photos and Youtube videos, but that must be a drop in the bucket compared to the full extent of the people's suffering. Little to no medical help, no home, no food or water, no word on if your relatives/friends are still alive or worse, alive but buried under rabble. And it's impossible for anyone like me who's lived their whole lives with all their needs provided for to truly understand the pain and humiliation of losing everything even though you had so little to begin with. I know floods, hurricanes and earthquakes have always been happening to the earth, but it just seems like natural disasters have become...more common? Deadlier? More encompassing? Is it just because the media can inform us now instead of centuries ago? I don't know. The most frustrating part is that I really, really want to donate, but the problem is my parents are hesitant saying there's no way I can be sure my money would go *directly* to the people who absolutely need it, and not to the bastards in charge of some faux charity. They said even with the donations going to Haiti, it would still be unlikely it would go straight to food and shelter services instead of being taken by the Haitian government which has been corrupt for decades. The only remotely comforting things out of this have been a youtube video of some of the people under impromptu tents singing together, and Keith Olbermann giving one the most epic of pwns to Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-PEaWUduCM

Dec. 10th, 2009


The end is near...for my portfolio

What's lasted for about 8 months is finally coming to an end. All I have to do is draw/color about 5 more images, and I can send it to Kinko's. And once that happens, I will dance like Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It's just that once this is done, I can spend all my time on my Demo Reel, and once that's done I can FINALLY advertise myself and look for a job. Below is one of my finished works.
On less important notes:
.I have "Bad Romance" stuck in my head at least once a day.
.I am officially convinced Glee is one of the best shows of the decade (it brings out my inner squeeing fangirl like few shows can)
. I googled the actor who played Dennis the Menace in the early 90's movie and he has turned HOT.
. Looking back on old photos, I now know the reason why some people look down on cosplayers at conventions is that for every well- crafted and attractive costume, there are hundreds of costumes made with wrinkled fabric, held together by duct tape and worn by the morbidly obese with acne scars.

Nov. 4th, 2009


One more hour of sleep FTW

Getting really used to Daylight Saving's Time. I've decided to use this as an opportunity to work on my background sketches for my portfolio, because I've always sucked at backgrounds. However, I noticed slight improvement. I flipped through a book on the art of the Haunted Mansion for inspiration on how to draw furniture, and it really helped me get the look I wanted. In terms of style, I have a Victorian parlor, a creepy attic, and the Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.  In terms of my Demo Reel, over half of my clips can proceed to the clean up phase, which is a huge relief for me. As soon as I can, I'll post them here.

Sep. 29th, 2009


Damn, it's cold

Now it's officially starting to feel like fall. The leaves are still mostly green in my hometown, but it is no longer safe on your legs to walk around in capris. Recently signed up for Jazzercise, and I love working out to Lady Gaga. I also lost about 4 pounds, and am noticing a firmer stomach (which was the main reason I joined.) Demo reel-wise, I'm really proud of a clip of a fox skating on ice. By having him skate, I'm trying to follow the principles for a walk cycle, while making it my own by holding the frames a bit longer/stretching the legs differently. Still working on the Cloth Rose character development/physical models. Nothing else to say at the moment, other than I'm super-happy We Are Heroes won America's Best Dance Crew and absolutely loved the multiverse episode of Family Guy. They really went that extra mile for the Disney section,  complete with self-filling lines.

Sep. 15th, 2009


(no subject)

Well. Summer's over, and it's really weird because for the first time since childhood I no longer have anything "Back to School" related to think about. Been working on my portfolio the whole time while helping my parents around the house. The way I see it, there's no shame in living with your parents if you're newly post-grad (especially in this economy) know exactly what companies you'll apply for and how, and not waste a single minute in WoW. (my BF says I should be proud I've never succumbed to MMORPG fever) Now that my old college is back in session, I've come in the animation lab to perfect my demo reel. At first I was extremely nervous that one of the DVD's of my class work wouldn't play and found out it was corrupted, but breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when a former teacher said the department archives everything every student has ever worked on, so he can help me compile a super deluxe demo reel to show online whenever I'm ready.  I'm just happy that my walk cycles are getting better. So far I'm working on sexy strut, proud walk, and roly-poly bounce.
Onto pop culture!
Is it me, or has 2009 seriously become the year of the douchebag? First it was showing massive disrespect for your significant other (Chris Brown, Jon Gosselin), now it's thinking you can yell your opinions in public and not come across as childish. (Joe Wilson, Kanye West)  I mean, really: I was waiting for Obama to reply "NO U" to "You lie!" just as I was hoping for scene kids to throw out their plastic lined lenseless glasses in protest. At least Beyonce' did the classiest thing I've ever seen at the VMA's, and I say that knowing full well how much "classy" has been misused. (Case in point, there's a Classy Nails mani-pedi salon in my mall. Welcome to the Midwest.)
Still have no idea who I'm going as for Halloween, which is odd since it's my favorite holiday. I was thinking of a flirty Snow White since I have Lolita patterns for fairy tale heriones and I get an excuse to flaunt my pale skin on dark hair combo, but don't know how long the sewing would take. i could always throw together an Elegant Gothic Aristocrat look, or maybe Hermione (even better if my BF goes as Ron) on the extreme, it would be super fun shopping in Belmont for Lady Gaga outfits.
Oh yeah, and just as I predicted the Vampire Diaries gets lousy reviews and I stopped watching after 15 minutes. I can only take so much cliche'd wangst, people.

Jul. 30th, 2009


Hyperventilating, brb



Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game series, for a myriad of reasons. The interaction between Square Enix characters and Disney characters never feels forced or awkward; it simply presents people from vastly different worlds learning about each other and protecting their worlds. Also, in KHII a very interesting philosophical twist begins to form. Your mission is to defeat Orginization XIII which you believe, and are told, is evil. But once you find out what they're really after, and especially after you spend time with some of their members, you start to sympathize with your enemy. You even start to wonder if Mickey's wishes are truly what's best for everyone. And after you've completed the game, you have a whole new appreciation for just how vital memories are to the very foundations of our being.
With that said, I wonder if this "Epic Mickey" game will bear any resemblance to Kingdom Hearts in terms of story or scale, or whether it will be a more self-contained platformer. Either way the concept art looks beautifully dystopian, like a post-apocalyptic Disney kingdom or Toon Town. And the artists sound like they're really in love with their creation.
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Jul. 25th, 2009


Of Jordin Sparks and Twi-fans. Joy.

Okay, so I was looking on ONTD, and stumbled across a rather interesting article about Jordin Sparks.

Where do you stand on the Creationist debate?
I believe God created heaven and earth in seven days. I don't think everything came into being from one big explosion because we're way too complex for that.

So it really only took a week?


This is from the same girl who believes that having pre-marital sex makes you a slut and thinks there's nothing wrong with promise (i.e. chastity) rings. Now, I'm not getting after her because she's a Christian, there are dozens of awesome Christians I know, it's just that for her to say that life being created in 7 days is a more fitting explanation because we're "way too complex" to stem from thousands of years of growth and genetic add-ons and reconstruction. Even more frustrating is that she is so absoultely certain that the blueprints of humans have not changed at all since the days of Abraham.  A fantastic article I read once in Newsweek was about the book "The Fish in All of Us" about how we still have some DNA left over from prehistoric sealife. Which, quite honestly makes Aquaman seem like that much more a BAMF. 
Really, I find the very word "Creationist" to be silly.  The Big Bang created the universe, after all, and regardless of what people believe they've all come to accept that Life itself is a form of creation.
And now for something completely different.
I feel bittersweet about not living anywhere near San Diego and never having gone to Comic Con.  I would love to go there and see the Arist's Alley, the cosplayers (One day I hope on going as Dr. Girlfriend) and see A-list actors answer irrelevant questions. However, I feel just a little comfort in the fact I am also nowhere near the hundreds of Twilight Fans, as I saw from watching footage of the Summit panel on good ol' youtube. What's crazy is that it looks like the entire panel (moderator's questions, clips, and fan Q and A) looked like about 30 minutes, and yet there were girls who slept overnight in the line just to get good seats. I'm now getting nostlagiac for the Episode 1 fanboys who pitched tents near the box office 10 years ago. I just know that even if I was miles away from Hall H I would still be able to hear the screams of fangirls, which I quite agree with RPattz's comment a year ago which he compared to rumblings from the gates of hell.

Jul. 13th, 2009


No Doubt this is a music post

On the 11th I saw No Doubt with my boyfriend. It was really interesting crowd-wise, since Paramore was the opening act, so half the audience were 16-year-old girls wearing impossibly skinny jeans and Converse, while the other half was 25-30 year-olds reminiscing about the days of Pog and Singled Out. No Doubt's performance was as I expected, extremely awesome. They opened with Spiderwebs, which was the first song of theirs I ever listened to. I still remeber when I would always listen to casettes of alternative music my brother would tape off the radio. You see kids, this is what we did back in the day when we wanted to collect free music. Back when the internet was strictly for porn.  Even though they played plenty of songs from Rock Steady, where there was a distinctly more electronic rock sound, at the concert everything was connected to ska, complete with a trumpet player. I haven't heard anything off their new album besides Stand and Deliver, but I'm guessing that the band really wants to go back to it's early 90's formula, and I definitely want to hear more trumpets on the radio and less autotune, which I consider the cancer that is killing music. I mean, it's fine when Daft Punk does it; they're supposed to sound like techno from the future. But when EVERY single artist on the Top 40 is having their voice distorted to the point it's barely recognizable, you know there's a problem.Back to No Doubt: Even though they've been playing for almost 20 years, they still had this, "Aw, we can't believe you guys like us so much!" vibe associated with new bands. Gwen even had a fan come on stage and gave her a hug for getting the band's signatures tattooed on her arm. I'll end this saying that Running is one the best slow dances ever.

Jun. 29th, 2009


In case you were wondering my thoughts on MJ

I first heard of MIchael Jackson's death while at Food 4 Less with my dad. A woman talked about how she had heard it at TMZ, but I usually take news there lightly. Went back home, logged on, and sure enough, the story hadn't changed. Now, any fan could tell you this, but I'll say it anyway: Michael was a highly visionary artist. And the truly great artists tend to have their visions overshadow themselves to the point people care more about their body of work than anything that happened in their personal life, and I believe that history will be ultimately kind to him. No star is safe from having their reputation tarnished, and the more famous they are, the more likely it will happen.  Yet there are those who are forgiven simply by reminding the public of just why they made them an idol in the first place. In Michael's case, it truly is impossible to imagine how vastly different pop music would be today if he had never made it. Just  how many of his songs has been sampled,  remixed, and redone by artists of all genres? Can you ever go to a Halloween party and not felt a tingle of glee whenever Thriller started to play, let alone join the crowd of line-dancing zombie wannabes? There's pretty much no doubt that his songs from the late 70's to late 80's was gold. Pure, funk-driven, gold. "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" holds its own against any of the top disco anthems, and still sounds like it could be played at a present-day dance club. And finally, no matter what your thoughts on his eccentric lifestyle, it seemed like everything he did later in life was a result of his tortured childhood, which, based on reports and interviews, I would not wish on anyone and believe there is a special level in Hell for people like Joe Jackson.

Here's to a man who was simultaneously destined--and doomed to perform.
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Jun. 9th, 2009



One thing you should know about me is that I'm a Twilight-hater. As in, I consider it the cancer that is killing literature. As in, mankind ill needs a savior such as Stephanie Meyer. The thing is, last year I was so bombarded with ads and reviews for it that I thought something about it had to be good, so I read the first book out of genuine curiosity. It was more like a chore than a pleasure. I consider myself a feminist (and no, I want men and women to be equal, not an exchange of chauvinism) so the thought of so many girls saying they want to live a life like Bella's is disturbing in so many ways. But anyway, the main reason I post this is because even before Twilight came around, there was a YA series called The Vampire Diaries. It was about a pretty popular girl named Elena who had recently lost her parents and almost immediately falls in love with Stefan, a new student who's incredibly well-dressed, handsome and comes off as distant (sense a pattern here?) He falls for her to, because apparently she reminds him of his old lover Katherine. Conflict: At least with TVD, the conflict comes fairly early instead of Twilight. Stefan's douchebag brother Damon enters the scene and makes it his purpose to make Stefan's life hell, because as Elena finds out, ZOMG they're both vampires from teh Italian Renaissance u guise!!! Katherine was a dumb slut who made both of them vampires saying, "There's enough of me for both y'all!" But the brothers fought instead until she became an heroine. Oh, and the vampires in this world can go out in sunlight because they have magic jewelry. So...yeah.   Anyway, one can easily say Twilight is an even less-realized ripoff of TVD, and since there's so much similarities the CW is making it into a TV series. Only they made Elena, a blue-eyed blonde, a brown-eyed brunette. And Stefan and Damon look more like Abercrombie models than former Italian aristocrats. And their backstory takes place in the American Civil War, not 1500's Italy.  So it's like they're trying to make it even MORE like a shamless Twilight homage than it needs to be.
Look, I like a good vampire story. In fact, I'm in the middle of writing a webcomic with vampires. Only I'm going to avoid the whole high school black hole and have it be in 1887 London while really playing up the Gothic themes.  More on that later. The point is, I love True Blood and Hellsing because they simultaneously stay loyal to the traditional notions of vampirism, yet still present strikingly original characters and stories.  (whether it be allegory for human rights or having vampires function as attack dogs) There's nothing wrong with writing vampire fiction, just at least TRY to avoid the style of what's already super-popular. What sucks is that 50 years later, fantasy is STILL milking off Lord of the Rings. "Hey! Let's publish a book series that takes place in a world that loosely resembles medieval Western Europe and give the characters names and attributes based on Celtic and Norse myths! And have the hero come from a humble, pastoral background and have him forced into a war that's older than him!"

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